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 How will the Elevate method™ give you your life back? 
The Elevate Method™ will help you discover and eliminate the common pitfalls of daily life that:
- Zap your energy
- Cause your brain to be endlessly foggy
- Force you to have naps during the day
- Cause you to run out of steam by 3pm
- Make your brain mush by afternoon
- Make you truly miserable and dragging 
When Truly Nothing Else Has Worked For You...
The Elevate Method™ will work!

The truth is that your "birth right" is to have amazing energy throughout the day. 

And while this is not what I see around, I can tell you that there is always a reason you are so tired and miserable, and if there is a reason, there is a solution.

That is is where my clinical expertise comes in really handy. There are different root causes of fatigue, exhaustion, and chronic fatigue for different people. Over the years, I've distilled them to 7 main ones.

Find the root cause and you will find the solution. This is what I do!

I have helped hundreds and hundreds of my own clients regain amazing energy! And now I want to share what I've taught them with you!

Let's get YOUR Energy Back! Just 7 Steps
Hi! I'm Dr. Kasia Kines, I am a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition, and I'm on a mission to solve the challenge of constant exhaustion and chronic fatigue that plagues our society.

I hate to see you not living your life fully and I am here to help you!

Throughout the years in my clinical practice, I have created seven simple, practical, and powerful strategies that get to the root of the issue behind chronic fatigue/exhaustion/brain fog and have given my clients their energy back. 

And now I've packed everything into a FREE 7-day exhaustion-busting hands-on mini-course called 
The Elevate Method™.

I am thrilled to share it here with you too.
 Like me and the tribe of my clients, you can now finally have phenomenal energy!

This really WORKS! 
Not only does it work, it is easy and fun!
Join in and start living!

Dr. Kasia Kines
Doctor of Clinical Nutrition
''Brain fog – gone!
Cravings - gone!
Energy - returned!"


"I highly recommend Dr. Kines, especially for those struggling with chronic fatigue symptoms
[or Epstein-Barr Virus]."


"I was exhausted and miserable [from my viral infection]. Within a week, I was symptom free."


Meet Dr. Kines
Welcome to the Elevate Method™!

I hold a Doctorate of Clinical Functional Nutrition from Maryland University of Integrative Health and a Masters in Clinical Nutrition from the prestigious Bastyr University.

I am a global leader in recovery therapy for chronic Epstein-Barr Virus infections, CEO and Founder of The Global EBV Institute, and I'm on a mission to educate one million colleagues and people with EBV that Epstein-Barr Virus is "treatable and reversible." I'm also a best-selling author, lecturer, and a clinician and have run a clinical practice since 2005.

Over the years, I have helped close to 2,000 clients, one at a time, recover and heal from complex issues such as EBV, Hashimoto’s, SIBO, IBS, auto-immune, and gastro-intestinal conditions. 

Regardless of the underlying medical condition, I always focus on creating an environment for a sustainable energy and have helped many recover from chronic fatigue.

I am so thrilled that I can share what I know with you now so that you can have phenomenal energy again!

Dr. Kasia Kines
Disclaimer: Information provided here is for educational purposes only and not to treat or diagnose any disease.
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